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Types of Kisses Every Girl Should Try

Types of Kisses Every Girl Should Try

Types of Kisses Every Girl Should Try

Spice up the things a little bit and remind yourselves some of the kisses that you used to practice while you were at the beginning of your relationship. Check them out:

The French Kiss. We are not talking here about the dirty stuff. I want you to concentrate in soft, gentle French kiss, which of course include some tongue play. I’m sure this kiss will boost up the mood and you will feel like a 16 year old teenage girl, feeling the sweet rush in her veins. Go on and bring that sassy kiss back in the game.

The Spiderman Kiss. It’s a little bit uncomfortable, but if you choose the right moment it could get funny. Here is a suggestion: while he is lying on the couch, go on and kiss him upside down, he will be pleasantly surprised with your joyful play and also, he will turn on by the fact that you are familiar with the nerdy facts about his favorite comic book.

Delicious Kiss.  You know it, right – take a spoon of Nutella or something else really delicious and share it with him, you can play a game like this. Tie his eyes with a scarf and give him Aphrodisiac foods such as avocado, bananas, chocolate, oysters, pomegranates, red wine, almonds, honey, marzipan, coconut, eggs, mango and many others, just find the best combinations and let the game begin. You can feed him with your mouth and letting  your lips touch just a little bit, like the touch of a feather.

Eskimo Kiss. I hope you know that kiss – slightly rubbing your noses. It is a gesture of love, tender and joyful mood. Do it while you are in the sub or waiting for the elevator to come, or while you are sitting on the couch watching your favorite TV show, it is small, insignificant at first sight, but really loving and caring gesture.

A Bite Kiss. The bite kiss is a rough game, but it works like thousands of aphrodisiac foods. The bite kiss is the instant sexy mood booster. You know the technique – when the kiss end, slightly grab his bottom lip with your teeth and pull up just a little bit, then let his lip slide off  your teeth and lick gently  the place. Be careful, because sometimes it might become a blood issue. Be gentle.

Provocative Kiss. That’s the most  sassy kiss. Kiss him gently and slightly, then pull away and invite him with your eyes light up the sparkle you started. Let the fire spread and leave you breathless during the night.

Have fun and be safe!

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