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How to Masturbate for Women

How to Masturbate for Women

How to Masturbate for Women

You’re a beginner and you want to know how to masturbate for the first time, or you’re a long-time wanker like me and you want know how to masturbate like a pro would, let’s get stuck in.

Masturbation tips for women

How to masturbate using your hands

For first-timers, know that there are many different ways to masturbate. If you’ve got a vagina and a clitoris, both of these can be included in a good wank, along with other things too: your labia are incredibly sensitive, as are your nipples. Forget what you might have seen in porn – the best thing about masturbation is that you don’t need to play to an audience or worry about what’s ‘normal’ or ‘typical’ – you just need to find what works best for you.

The most obvious way to masturbate – rubbing your clit directly – is naturally bloody lovely. But with a bit of lube (or spit, which works equally well) rubbing around the general area rather than directly can be a great way to build up. Some people find that rubbing the clit directly is a bit too intense, so they prefer to rub around it, or close the labia over it and get some indirect stimulation by rubbing over the top. Think of it like a massage, just one which gets faster as you get closer to climax.

Using fingers (one, two, or however many you feel comfortable with) can feel great, especially if you curl them towards the front wall of your vagina, where it’s extra sensitive. Try stroking the inner walls of your vagina, or using your fingers to make a thrusting motion if that’s your bag. But if you’re a fan of internal stimulation, please choose your implements wisely. Googling ‘how to masturbate’ brings up all kinds of worrying things: ‘how to masturbate with a hairbrush’, for instance, or a toothbrush, deodorant can – all sorts of things. If you’re rubbing externally over your knickers or jeans, then there’s probably not much to worry about. But if you’re looking to insert, I’d advise against it. As a general rule, if you’re putting something in your vagina you need to have a pretty solid idea of how it’s going to get out again afterwards. And if something’s going anywhere near your warm wet bits, be aware of the material it’s made of and how you’re going to clean it so you avoid infections with repeated use.

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How to masturbate with a sex toy

Which brings me neatly on to sex toys. There’s a weird myth that sex toys are essential for women who want to know how to masturbate properly – as if your hands are somehow not good enough tools. Here’s the deal – sex toys aren’t vital for a great wank, but they can definitely enhance a good wanking session with new and intriguing sensations. Have a go manually first and work out what you like best. If you’re a clitoral fiend and you think the harder and more powerful the better, then grab yourself a really good bullet vibrator or a wand toy. If you like internal stimulation, then explore dildos of various shapes and sizes to see what suits you best. Naturally you can combine two of these things for what I’m going to call an ‘executive wank’, or grab something like a rabbit vibrator which does both at once.

Some of the most common questions around wanking involve how to do it in certain scenarios – how to masturbate on your period, how to masturbate in the shower, that kind of thing. When you’re on your period, masturbation’s not off the table or anything and some people say that a good orgasm can help to alleviate their cramps. If you use tampons then you might want to stick to clitoral rubbing to avoid mess on the bedsheets. If you prefer sex toys: that’s fine too. Period blood doesn’t damage sex toys or anything, just wash them afterwards like you normally would. Masturbating in the shower? Same deal. Do it as you normally would, just make really sure you aren’t going to slip and fall halfway through. Get a non-slip mat, or kneel down (high-five to my teenage self for discovering this technique) and make the most of the fact that your bathroom’s probably the only room in the house with a door lock.

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