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How to touch her breast effectively for the first time?

How to touch her breast effectively for the first time?

How to touch her breast effectively for the first time?

Mutual enjoyment is the name of the game, first and foremost! If you’re  enjoying it and she isn’t, or if neither of you is enjoying it, then  there’s little or no value to any of this. Probe her feelings,  communicate, make sure everything is comfortable and fun!

After all, if she doesn’t enjoy the experience, she will almost  certainly NOT be coming back for more. And while those “it was fun while  it lasted” deals are better than nothing, you can do better. Just  always treat her like she’s someone very special. So, are you ready?
Now, let’s begin!


Let’s say you’ve been out with this girl for a fun evening, maybe gone  bowling or something, talked a lot, and you’re having a good time  together. Wonderful! The stage is set. Go somewhere where you can be  fairly alone together… maybe at a park, or down by the beach, or in  any number of these little secluded spots that you take for granted in  your daily life. Sit down next to each other, with little space in  between you. RELAX. Relax, and relax some more. If you’re tense and  nervous about this, it’s not likely to go right. So just relax, smile,  take some deep breaths, and keep talking to her. Conversation, sadly,  has never been my strong point in this either, but it’s not too hard to  hold good coversation if you just listen to what she says, and just let  conversation flow. Whatever it takes, really, but this guide is not  about conversation. No, it’s about the fact that during the  conversation, you’re going to laugh at something funny, and your hand is  going to end up resting ever so slightly against her shoulder. Leave it  there for a while, until she’s bound to have gotten used to it, and she  clearly doesn’t mind the fact that it’s there.

She moves away when your hand touches her. Give up, right now. Unless  you just touched a sunburn or something, she percieves your touch as a  threat, and that’s just no good for you. Refer to the final paragraph of  this guide.

She responds well, or doesn’t seem to mind or notice your touch. Excellent. Keep going.


Now you have a hand on her shoulder, and she doesn’t mind. Wonderful!  Gently, gently, gently start rubbing her shoulder, and then put your arm  all the way around her and rub the other shoulder. Keep talking! Ask  her if it feels good, even! Shift the conversation more towards  touchy-feely things, like past happy experiences or about what a fun  night tonight has been. Soon, though, just let the conversation taper off and let  your hands do the talking, pleasingly rubbing her shoulders.


She moves away or has a cold, blank look on her face while you rub her  shoulders, or just plain asks you to quit it. Look at the final  paragraph of the guide. If this doesn’t seem to be the case, then just  wrap up the evening.

She smiles, seems to be enjoying it. Excellent. Keep going.


Now you’re rubbing her shoulders and she seems to be liking it.  Beautiful! Don’t restrict yourself to the actual shoulders, you can also  rub the neck, upper arms, back… keep your hands busy, let them wander  a bit (but not to the breasts just yet.) Let one of these hands wander  aaaaaaall the way down to her wrist, and then let your hand comfortably  connect with her hand. Click! Hopefully, she even opened up her hand and  turned her palm towards your hand, when you got down to her wrist. When  you have this soft, lovely hand in yours, don’t just let it hang  limply! Gently rub her fingers, rub her palm… keep the massage going!  Don’t let your other free hand get bored, either… keep it rubbing her  back & shoulders! Exciting enough yet?


She keeps a closed fist, or gets a sour look when you try to hold her  hand. Not a good sign! Read the last paragraph, then wrap up the evening  if you want to, or keep rubbing her shoulders if you like.
She smiles, even starts rubbing your hand back perhaps. Excellent! Keep  this up for a while, until you feel the need to keep going.


Now you’re holding her hand, rubbing her back, and she’s liking it!  Awesome! This is good fun, and very relaxing, so keep it up as long as  you need to. It’s good to get her very relaxed too, so you might want to  ask her how she’s feeling. Make sure she’s feeling great! I like to get  into the habit of asking her this every so often, as it seems to  display that I care about how she’s feeling, too. When you’re ready,  (and don’t be afraid to do this,) gently brush the hair away from her  cheek (or just brush her cheek if there’s no hair hanging there),  breathe ever-so-softly on her face, moisten your lips, and give her a  soft little kiss on the cheek. Smile. =) Lots of girls think this is  really, really sweet to start out with… an innocent and charming kiss  on the cheek. Others think it’s stupid and weak, though, so maybe you  want to do it on the lips first. Whatever it takes, just remember what I  said at the top… adapt!

She acts somehow disgusted. You might just want to give up, rub  shoulders some more, and call it a night. It was only a simple kiss on  the cheek, it’s nothing for her to get rude about. However, be sure the  last paragraph of this guide doesn’t apply to your situation… then  feel free to end the evening.
She smiles and looks at you. Keep smiling and go to the next step.

She opens her mouth, looks at you, and closes her eyes. Go to the next step very quickly!!

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