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How to touch breast while kissing?

How to touch breast while kissing?

How to touch breast while kissing?

Touching a girl’s breasts is an experience that many men struggle with. Often men are not sure when it’s okay to take that step beyond kissing, and so they never make the move. Other men struggle to understand when it might be inappropriate to touch a woman’s breasts, and can come off as creepy and over-eager.

Before you even begin to consider touching a girl’s breasts, you should be in a position in which she is comfortable around you, happy to kiss you and happy for you to touch her over the clothes. If she is unsure or uncomfortable, back away. Never pressure a woman into doing something she doesn’t want to do, and never grope a woman’s breasts –or any part of her body- without being totally sure she’s okay with it.

Assuming that everything is going well and you are kissing her a lot, it’s time to step things up a notch…

Start with the basics:

Kiss passionately and properly

Kissing is the spark that lights the fuse with almost all sexual acts. It’s important to kiss properly -and by that I mean- not too fast, not too slow, not too wet, not too dry, not too much tongue, not too little, and not too bitey!

If this all sounds a bit confusing, do not worry. There is no perfect way to kiss; it varies from woman to woman. Some women like slow, soft, tongueless kisses, and others may want to chew your tongue off. Some may start off slow and graduate up to more passionate, heavy kissing. The best way to start is usually to test the water. Start off with a little peck, then follow her lips with yours, move in time with her, and slowly allow yourself to take the lead.

When it comes to tongue, it is always best to test the water before forcing your tongue into her mouth. Lightly ‘flicking’ her tongue with yours will usually provoke a response from her, which may graduate into more tongue. If there is not response, abstain from tongues for the time being.

Remember that kisses shouldn’t be dry. Ensure your lips are moist, but not –I repeat- not dripping with saliva. Wet kisses are almost universally recognised as unpleasant.

Pay attention to all of her body, especially the lower back and the neck

Whilst you’re kissing her, you should be using your hands to explore her body. Remember though that you are doing this to make her feel more comfortable and more aroused. This is not just about you pleasing yourself, so don’t go straight for the breasts, buttocks or pussy. Pay attention to the neck, the lower back, and other parts of her body. If you think that kissing a girl gives you a greenlight to start groping and squeezing every part of a woman’s body, you are sorely mistaken.

The trick is to actually tease her a little bit. Massage the less erotic parts of her body. Run your fingers through her hair, lightly grip her neck, softly touch her lower back, or the backs of her thighs. This will open her up to letting you touch more of her body. Don’t make it too obvious that you want to get into her bra and parts beyond, learn to appreciate her whole body, and this will pay off in dividends.

Kiss her on the neck, breathe in her ear

Remember that kissing doesn’t just begin and end with the lips. Kiss other parts of her body, particularly her neck. The nerves around the neck can be very sensitive, and this will usually lead her to become more aroused and receptive to your touch. Don’t be afraid of a little bump and grind or light restraint. Some girls quite like being picked up, pinned down, having their hair played with or their neck lightly gripped, but remember not to be too forceful right away, or she will begin to feel trapped, and will automatically reject you. Be passionate, but not forceful.

Let her touch you

If a woman is touching you, this is usually a good sign that she is happy to be touched by you too. If her hands are under your clothes, or she’s gripping you tightly, this usually means she wants to be touched too. You can open yourself up to being touched by responding positively to her hands on your body, or even lightly guiding her hands onto your skin.

Sometimes women can be less forward than men when it comes to touching, so ensure that you are receptive when she does touch you (thus giving her the greenlight to do so more). If a woman is kissing you, but barely touching you, it’s probably best to see if things get more passionate before trying to make a move on her.

Do not be too forceful

This is the first hurdle at which men fall. If you are too touchy feely with your hands, you will not only come off as creepy, but may actually be committing sexual assault. It is absolutely vitally important that you do not force yourself on a woman, back her into a corner or grip her too tightly without her reciprocating. This will make a woman feel trapped and afraid, and is a serious violation of her privacy and dignity. Remember that it is a woman’s right not to be touched if she does not want to be, so if you’re overly forward, you may expect to be rejected, or pushed away. Either way, do not expect her to forget about it later.

Do not be too shy

Though it is important to recognize when a woman feel’s uncomfortable, it is also important to have enough confidence to make a move if the signals are right. If a woman is kissing you, touching your skin and kissing your neck, feel free to do the same to her.

As the kissing gets more passionate, so should the touching, and if everything is going well, it might be time to move you hand up her back to her bra strap. Leave it there for a moment and see how she reacts. If she gets fidgety or evasive, you can assume she doesn’t want her bra to be unstrapped. However, if she’s fine, you might want to try hooking a finger under their and snapping it open (it’s easier with one hand than with two).

Don’t fumble with her bra

Unsnapping a bra is relatively easy; just use your thumb and index finger to locate the release, then lightly grip either side of it with your thumb and forefingers like a pincer. Do not press down too hard, as you may end up nipping her skin. Press your thumb and forefinger together and you will feel the clasp loosen, and then move your thumb up slightly in a twisting motion, and the bra will release fully. Use the tightness of the bra to your advantage by allowing the tension to snap the clasp apart. Looser bras are harder to unhook, so if this is the case, it might be a good idea to pull the clasp away from the skin slightly to make it easier to manage.

If you don’t want to completely unstrap the bra, try moving your hand up to her shoulder and brushing one of the bra straps away, therefore loosening the bra. If she’s okay with this, move one hand around to the breast and lightly cup it with your hand.

Don’t be tempted at this point to start squeezing, rubbing, and twisting the nipple like you’re trying to tune a radio. Just keep your hand there for a while. Slowly, you may begin to touch the undersides of the breast, or lightly play with or pinch the nipple. As always, do not get rough right away, as your woman may not enjoy this.

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