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How To Have The HOTTEST Shower Sex?

How To Have The HOTTEST Shower Sex?

How To Have The HOTTEST Shower Sex?

Shower sex is a very polarizing concept. It’s touted as wet and slippery nekkid fun (true) that is the height of sensuality (an opinion that varies from person to person).

It also presents a setting for sex that could lead to some uncomfortable water in the face (fair) and a highly embarrassing death wherein you both slip on the soap, knock yourselves out on the towel rack and then have your wet corpses discovered tangled in the curtain hours later by your roommate (let’s be real, it’s probably not going to shake out like that but the fear is still there).

We’ve had real shower sex that has been amazing, terrible, and always required a little finagling; here are our tips to making sex in the shower hot and steamy rather than cold and awkward.

Why Have Sex In the Shower?

It’s Inherently Sexy

Maybe it’s because a lot of us had some of our first solo sex sessions in the shower, but even if you aren’t in an intimate relationship with your shower head, sex in the bath or shower just seems so natural. From the warm, relaxing water to your hands caressing each other’s slippery soapy bodies…whew, we’re getting hot and bothered already.

It’s Practical

Not only are you in a confined space, able to enjoy the sensation of each others’ wet bodies, the running water masks any moans or gasps, so you can be as loud as you want without bothering your roommates.

You’ve Got Adult Bath-Time Toys

As well, you can incorporate any number of waterproof sex toys, whether it be a Transformer for getting to all those hard-to-reach-places, or something compact like KIKI which fits neatly into a soap dish.

You can also use some of your fancy body scrubs, sponges, and loofahs to experiment with different sensations on the skin that also take care of the practical reason for showering.

It Makes for Great Foreplay

If you find the space is too confined or too slippery for your romantic acrobatics, the shower is an ideal place for a warm-up lap before jumping into bed. Sensual massage from both hands and showerheads will get your heart racing while you ensuring you’re both squeaky clean for oral explorations.

Possible Downsides

The Faucet

Ah yes, Mr. Faucet. If your shower is anything like ours, it can turn from the ideal temperature to burning hot with the slightest touch from your elbows. Great if you want to experiment with temperature play, not so great at any other time ever. If you have a bathtub in your shower, it seems the faucet is also just perfect for stepping backwards into with your calves, so be aware of that too.


Keep in mind that the mixture of water and soap can make the floor slipperier than an ice rink; slow and deliberate movements keep your shower fantasy ‘sexy’ and not a Hitchcockian horror.

Tear-free Formula

Everyone knows soap in the eyes will turn your sexy shower into an uncomfortable practice of your eye wash station emergency procedures, but the same also occurs when soap enters into some of your other sensitive orifices, so watch your hands when caressing intimate parts of your partner.


For all the stereotypes about pleasure in the tub, water and natural lubrication are not on good terms. Make sure to keep a personal moisturizer with easy applicator on hand.

Shower Sex Positions

Up Against the Wall: This face to face sex position is probably the most standard, but is dependent on complementary height, or the thrusting partner having the strength and balance to support their partner against the wall without slipping.

The Frisk: A staple of any fulfilling sex life, this standing sexual position is very simple and very satisfying. We call it ‘the frisk’ because of the receiving partner’s stance – hands against the wall, bending slightly forward, feet apart –similar to a police body search. Now if you want to role play like you’re a police officer, that might take some significant back-story as per why you’re in a shower, but then again we are all about maintaining the drama.

It’s also great because both partners can be in control of the speed and intensity of the action, as well as maintain a solid base with legs slightly father apart.

Seated Sex Positions

The Union of Lotus: If you have the right sized shower, this position is the perfect antidote to slip n’ fall concerns. The receiving partner sits in the lap of their partner for a slow motion that lets you both luxuriate in the sensation of the water falling upon you.

The Edge: Of course, if you want something a bit more dynamic and you have a bathtub, you can try this position. Have the thrusting partner sit on the edge of the bath with their legs pointing inward, while their partner sits on their lap and uses the wall opposite to help support them while they bounce.

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