How To Seduce A Woman With 7 Effortless Techniques

How To Seduce A Woman With 7 Effortless Techniques

  • Gently and smoothly rub your fingers down her neck and behind the ear. It will help in creating the tension. Gently kiss her. And, never ask her first. It is important that you show her that you are just not scared.

  • Right after you finish eating your dinner, linger around a little. Resist your urge to jump right into bed. Work her up, talk to her and give her sweet compliments. Whisper sweet-nothings into her ear. It will surely work as a charm on her.

  • One simple tip to seduce women into bed is flattery. Women find it very flattering when a man specifically goes out of his way to plan for a romantic evening. So, make sure you plan a very romantic date for the two of you. Put up flowers, candles and wine. She will love it.

  • Pay attention to her body language. Through a woman’s body language, it is very easy to know if a woman is interested in you or not. So, make sure you watch carefully her body language. If she folds her arms across her chest, it could possibly mean that she might either not be interested in you, or is simply disagreeing with you. Stick to having a simple conversation. Remember, it is all about her and not about you. So, lock your tongue for a while and listen to her.

  • It is very important that you make her feel very comfortable and relaxed. Make her laugh or just keep her interested by asking a few interesting questions. Make sure that the two of you are very relaxed. You can either be spontaneous with your conversation, or be a little prepared before hand so that you won’t have any awkward moments.

  • The key to seducing is eye contact. Looking into a woman’s eyes has a very powerful effect on her. However, do not over do it by staring at her. When she is talking to you, make sure you maintain a steady eye contact.

  • Firstly, approach a woman that you are interested in. Start off by saying ‘you have a wonderful smile’ and smile. So, if she smiles back, bingo! You can continue talking to her.

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