10 Places You Need to Have Sex At Some Point In Your Life

10 Places You Need to Have Sex At Some Point In Your Life

10: In the laundry room: 29%

Wanna try? We recommend sitting on the washer instead of the dryer. When the spin cycle starts, let loose with your guy.

9: In your parents bedroom: 34%

Wanna try? Ask your guy ahead of time to refrain from any phrases like “who’s your daddy?” That’s just too close to home for this setting.

8: In a tent: 37%

Wanna try? Since you’re screened in and the tent walls may be filmsy, we suggest you keep your sex positions simple. Try Saucy Spoons or Backup Boogie.

7: At a park:  42%

Wanna Try? We’ll leave you to your own devices for this one. Just be courteous and wipe down the swing when you’re done.

6: On the kitchen table: 48%

Wanna try? That spatula isn’t just for flipping burgers. Swat your guy’s ass with it to make this romp even more playful.

5: In the woods: 49%

Wanna try? Your two biggest risks are bugs and poison ivy. To fend off bugs, spray yourself with insect repellent beforehand… just not on the neck, breasts or anywhere else your man may kiss or lick. As for poison ivy, remember: If there are leaves of there, let it be.

4: In a pool or a body of water: 54%

Wanna try? Ironically, water sex can actually dry up your natural lubrication. Use a silicon-based lube (which is waterproof) and then try out Cosmo’s Aqua Kamasutra positions like Tawdry Tube.

3: In your childhood bedroom: 65%

Wanna try? If your parents are in the next room, keep quiet with a sex position that is still ultra-pleasurable but won’t shake the headboards. Try Soft Rock, or Wow Him Powwow, in which you are gently rocking instead of thrusting.

2: In a car: 80%

Wanna try? People often think the backseat is best for car sex. But there is not much leg room. Recline the passenger seat instead and try a girl on top position.

1: In the shower or bathtub: 82%

Wanna try? Take turns lathering each other up and teasing yourselves into a frenzy before going all the way. Have two, warm fluffy towels handy, – big or one that you can wrap yourselves in- to keep the comfy after sex buzz going.

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